Taste The Motherland

Una Ivoirienna is a product crafted by a young African girl in Ottawa, Ontario. It was launched to the public in early 2018 and endorsed by all communities. 

An Effortless Way to Season

Chicken skewers

As seen here, Una Ivorienna was applied on the chicken above to elevate its taste. Delicious!

Grilled Shrimp

Being an all purpose marinade, Una Ivoirienne is the adequate touch to your seafood. Miam, Yummy! 


From a family dinner to a holiday cookout; Una Ivoirienna is an essential piece, the perfect ingredient to whet your appetite. Tasty!

For your BBQs

Una Ivoirienna is also a way to ease the seasoning of meats, seafoods... During in/outdoor get togethers. In fact, this marinade will elevate the taste of your dishes.   

C'est cube Maggi qui s'agite, sinon Una Ivoirienna est sereine

Ludovic I.

I love this product! This seasoning is the best! I highly recommend

Rolande S.

This marinade is fire

Tracy M.

If I had to rate this, I wouldd give it 6 out of 5 stars. It is really worth it. 

kevin L.